Hunting Memories
By Steve Mahurin


























Hunting Memories-1

An African Sort of Day
Deer 4 Hunter 0
The Ghost of Turkey Run
Handgun Scimitar
Rainy Day Buck
The Weaker Sex
My First Buck
My First Exotic Hunt
A Remington Texas Slam
Back Seat Aoudad
Hunting Memories-2

Bar-O Blackbuck
Honey Creek Barbary Sheep
A Big Old Good Un
Follow The Bouncing????
New Years Day Buck
Hawaiian With Gun & Camera
Handgun Cazador
Handgun Double
Dream Hunt
Hunting Memories-3

Ducks and Such
Four In Two Days
The First Ever Fallow Slam
Handgun Bighorn Slam - Part 1
Handgun Bighorn Slam - Part 2
Hog In A Log
Handgun Super Slam - Part 1
Handgun Super Slam - Part 2
Handgun Texas Slam
Hunting Jacobs Sheep
Hunting Memories-4

Monster Sika
Muddy Red Stag
Muzzleloader Muley
My First Pronghorn
My Trip To India On Rusty Spur
Texas Whitetail Odyssey
Rock And Roll Ibex
Bighorn Slam - Part 1
Bighorn Slam - Part 2
Retro B & C Mule Deer

Hunting Memories-5

Rosebush Blackbuck
One Plus Two Sika
Rifle Super Slam - Part 1
Rifle Super Slam - Part 2
Smith & Wesson Catalina
Safari Times Five
Safari Revisited
Shoestring Catalina
Texana Axis
Three Sheep Weekend

Hunting Memories-6

Anderson Acres Blackbuck

Beisa Bonanza
Handgun Challenge
My First Merino
Two Plus Two Equals Three
Two of a Different Kind
Velvet Axis
Wheelgun Ibex
Wide Junior
Wild and Wet Hog

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25 North Heights
La Marque, Texas 77568


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Hunting Memories

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